As of May 2018, There are two cases in this simple website. “Fraud in Canada” is my story and I hope to bring you a few more.

This event took place in Toronto, Canada.  I worked with the Bank of Montreal for 19 years and had knowledge that they were defrauding the government.  I was accused of embezzling funds from the bank and for the first 4 lawyers and prosecutors on my case the evidence would be buried or destroyed in conjunction with the same actions from the banks lawyers.

When I finally found a lawyer who introduced the material evidence to clear me and all of the wrong doing and corruption of the previous lawyers, three judges did the unheard of and ruled in favor of the corruption.  There are judges throwing cases for their friends in Toronto, Canada.

I have made a series of videos and extensively documented the matter in hopes that the people who have experienced something like this would come forward to expose the “cesspool” that the Toronto Star reported on.

Trying to get the appropriate authorities to look at this you get the standard answer, “You have been found guilty and your appeal have been denied”. I have arrived at the conclusion that they are either lazy, corrupt, illiterate or maybe all three.   This includes the three branches of government.  Nothing is working.

I have added some videos on Youtube. Enter legal pucky in search bar. I can also be reached


I can be reached at email: lifeisgolden_46@hotmail.com      (Fraud in Canada)

To contact Edna Kumi email:  ednakumi@hotmail.co.uk.       (Elder abuse in U.K.)