Elder Abuse in U.K


When human beings try to play God, there is a 99.9% chance there will be an abuse of power and process. It appears that they become shells with no character and, almost always commences a silly dance of let’s pretend I am a leader.

Never one to delude myself I stuck to championing the underdog, literally. I made the mistake in 1992 of threatening a plain clothes officer who was savagely beating a dog under the auspices of training it.

I was arrested on false charges by said officer, Graham Avery.  With no charges, he collected all sorts of documents from my home and sent a report to the Midwifery Council. In 1993, the case was dismissed for lack of evidence and Graham Avery failed to show up for trial. Three months later the case would be reopened at Redbridge court where it was permanently dismissed, there were no new charges and he once again failed to show up.

In this same year working at another nursing home, he reported to staff that I was a Fraudster. I again had to defend myself and once again it was found to have no merit. For the next 17 years, (2009) I was harassed on the street and on my job. In 2009, a report appeared on my ‘Enhanced Disclosure’. He was delivering on his promise to make me lose my profession.  This detective would run away when I tried to bring him up on charges in 2010, 2011 and 2012 but to this day there is a notation on my record with no charges whatsoever.

My next sojourn with depraved indifference for frailty was at Ravenscourt nursing home, Hornchurch, Essex in 2004. My immediate response on seeing the ravages of physical abuse was to advise the owner, Nellish Lukka and thereafter, the police; the nursing commission; Safeguarding; CSCI; Scotland yard etc.  I am still stunned by the indifference, sweeping under the rug and passing the baton to such serious occurrences and the repercussions to myself for trying to protect the elderly.  The conclusion was painful deaths for the patients and unfair termination for me.  For the next three years, I was harassed by the manager of the nursing home, Jean Claude Seevathean.  What I did not foresee was the lackadaisical attitudes of the organizations created to protect the elderly and the blatant lies of the leaders of these organizations.

These are the questions I still ask myself today. What is the use of these organizations? Why are these people paid to sit and collect taxpayers’ money and not do a damn thing to help the people they are employed to protect?




January 12, 2002. I was poised to assume the position of deputy manager of Ravenscourt nursing home.

I was briefed on a complaint by the brother of one client claiming abuse.  On January 4, 2002 both the GP and the police (Jane Shivers) was requested by the brother to investigate bruises on his body. Hilary Ryan was the nurse on the unit.


January 15, 2002, the patient, Patient A, was removed from the home as the police never showed up.


January 17, 2002, I was present when  another patient, asked for assistance from Hilary Ryan with her knitting.  Hilary responded to her by saying, “get out of my face or I would use the knitting needles on you”.

On this day once again a check is done for receipt of police report on Patient A  No report.


In 2002, February I was a salaried employee at Ravenscourt nursing working a 42hour week.  Monday to Thursday 9-5:30p.m and Friday 9-5 p.m.

In April of the same year Jean Claude was employed as the Manager.

May 2003. Patient B., a bed bound client on the ground floor or nursing unit died from grade4 infected pressure sores.  A specialty faulty pressure relieving mattress, serviced by the Manager, Jean Claude/Victor had deflated over the weekend.  RGNN’, Ramil, Hilary and Elma escalated this matter to Jean Claude numerous times over the weekend.  Patient B. would spend Friday to Monday on the metal base of the bed without any action taken from the manager.  Patient B died a couple of days later due to the infected grade4 pressure sores.

I notified the C.S.C.I ; safe guarding adult; the daughter.  I took photographs and collected statements from the nurses on the unit.  Safe guarding adult never investigated.

May 20, 2003, Patient C, a client on the nursing unit fell in the lounge.  That same day she was taken to the hair dresser for her weekly hairdo when Maureen the hairdresser called my attention to her smelling bad and complaining of a pain in her leg. I was away from the home that morning doing assessments.

I called two carers to take her back to bed, washed and changed and then I called Jean Claude who confessed to being the one to have examined her and put her back in her chair.  He sent her to the hospital and apparently reported to her daughters that I had caused the mother to break her hip.  I was almost attacked physically.  I never got the chance to explain to the daughter as Jean Claude intervened and removed the daughter before I could speak with her.

There was an inquiry between the family, Jean Claude and Nellish Lukka, the proprietor. I was not involved.  Jean Claude did mention to me that Nellish had to pay financial reparation.

September 4, 2003  I was  informed by Jean Claude that my presence was required the C.S.C.I  (Inspection unit) office in Ilford.  When I inquired to why I was told it was about Patient C.

Rona Cross and Tim Weller asked about my knowledge of Patient C.’s fall.  I repeated the scenario as above and that was it.

December 9, 2003, Jean Claude informed Rona and Ann that I was in charge and solely responsible for all of the patients on the dementia unit.

December 29, 2003 Rona, Ann and Jean Claude began a campaign of harassment and intimidation on the dementia unit.  I received written communication from Ann stating that documentary evidence was not currently available on the care plans; allegations of bruises on patients; accident and incident forms are not on file.  There is evidence that these individuals were removing the  evidence from the care plans which I pinpointed.

There was never any action taken on the allegations in ANNs’ letter.

In January, 2004 there was an incident on the dementia unit where medication time was being changed by Jean Claude, Rona Gummer and Ann Gallager.  Rona Gummer was a visiting manager from the Albany Nursing home which was also owned by Nellish Lukka.  I had no information on Ann Gallager other than she was a manager.

There were no changes on the nursing floor.  Rona Gummer said the patients were noisy so she changed the medication times in the dementia unit. There was no consultation with the relatives or the doctors.  The patients then became constantly drowsy, resulting in malnutrition, dehydration, chest infection, urinary infections and finally falls because they could no longer eat or walk.


Dementia unit held 35 patients. Psychotic drugs dispensed to these patients.

-Two shifts, 1st shift from 8a.m  with 2 nurses and 8 carers

-Nurses handled dressings and medication while carers washed and dressed the patients.

-Medications were given to the patients starting 8 a.m.

-Medication at 12 noon.

-Medication at 5 p.m.

-At 9 p.m. medication.


This process was in place from 2002 to 2003

This process ended when Rona Gummer and Ann Gallager visited Ravenscourt in December 2003.


Hilary Ryan, Coster Mukubwu and  Ramil Camargo, 3 nurses from the dementia unit expressed their deep concern to me regarding the state of the patients on the unit as the medication times were changed.



-Medication at 10 a.m.

-Medication again at 12 noon.

-Medication at 5p.m

-Medication at 9p.m.


Patients have become too lethargic to eat, drink.

I advised the manager Jean Claude who took no action. I even reminded him that he was the manager in charge of this home not Ann or Rona but this made no difference.


I then wrote to the owner, Mr. Nellish Lukka, Jan 15, 2004, advising that the patients within a space of two days were extremely lethargic and were becoming dehydrated, malnourished, contracting urinary tract and chest infections and falling constantly.

Got the concerned nurses on the unit to sign document.


January 19, 2004 at 10:30 p.m. Emergency call from Eileen, the night RGN regarding the day RGN, Ramil.  He had accused her of abusing the patients.  Apparently this was a result of Eileen objecting to Ramils’ use of the kitchen to cook his meal whilst living in the nursing home and paying rent to Mr. Lukka. This complaint was false and quashed.


January 21, 2004, I returned from an assessment and Marvin Prapiga, the senior told me that Jean Claude has instructed him to remove all the bed rails from the patients beds on the dementia unit.

January 22, 2004 as the situation became more dire, I reported the matter the Inspection Unit Care Standard.  No response.

January 23, 2004 escalated the matter to Safe Guarding Adult and spoke with someone by the name of Jackie Berg and Angela Broad (01708433999/432000).  These individuals were extremely hostile and told me to go to the police.

On January 23, 2004, Jean Claude advised me that Nellish Lukka gave an order to have my desk removed from the office.  The desk was removed and I could no longer sit in the office.


February 2, 2004, Nellish Lukka spoke with me at the nursing home regarding the patients changed drug hours.

Nellish Lukka said he was not medical personnel and could not comprehend what I was telling him.  He further advised that Ann was a very qualified person and I must do whatever she told me to do.  I refused on the grounds that this was not in the Nursing Midwifery Counsel (NMC) code of conduct.

His next statement was clearly a threat if I did not comply.  He said he had three managers, myself, Ann and Jean Claude and he did not know what he was going to do with Ann as yet. He then left the home.


I could not believe what I was hearing and things got from bad to worst as Nellish Lukka turned his attention solely to monetary compensation and ignored the well being of his clients.  The drug effects on the patients was just common sense, it did not require medical training to understand the effects.


February 05, 2004 I received a phone call at my home from RGN. Des Madula about a physical altercation between 2 staff at the home.  Des had called Jean Claude who then told Des to call Edna.  Both staff members were suspended and the matter was handed over to Jean Claude the following day.


March 15, 2004, I received another call from Eileen who voiced her concern over the staff restraining the bed bound patients with sheets when they were removed from the bed to a chair as per Ann Gallager.  Marcia, Ska and Titus, the night carers on the dementia unit reported that Ann had ordered the patients be sat out for feeding with no safety in place and these workers had taken it upon themselves to restrain them by tying then to the chairs with bed-sheets because they were afraid of the patients falling.  I brought this to the managers attention but he just shrugged his shoulders.


April 7, 2004. Rona requested meeting with, Jean Claude and Costa to discuss the care of residents on the first floor. Rona reported that the residents were dirty and unkempt; she had observed a resident, Patient D. slumped and struggling for breath and Rona had treated Patient D who she deemed terminal with lung cancer.  The simple fact, Rona was lying, Patient D. was not yet diagnosed although tests were taken; Hilary, knew this to be a falsehood as Patient D. was supervised daily at the nursing station and never in her room alone.

Sensing the direction of the various subtle attacks, I asked the nursing staff to sign if they had ever come across Patient D. having breathing problems.  Every response was a resounding no. Rona was visibly upset and wrote in a letter that there simply was no need for me to confirm this.


April 8, 2004. RGN, Eileen McIntosh requested a meeting with Jean Claude and myself regarding continuous removal of documentary evidence from the care plans. Jean Claude offered no solution and the problem continued.


April 12, 2004. I wrote a letter to Rona regarding the removal of documents from the care plans; residents being drugged to keep them quiet.


April 26, 2004. Rona responded that she had removed the document and left it in the office on my desk because she deemed it inappropriate.

The statement was firstly written in capitals; it was better suited on an incident report than written as a statement; she agreed that the clients should not be drugged for noise level.

The report was not in capitals and statement vs. report inconsequential.


April 28, 2004.  I sent another letter to Rona reminding her that it was at the behest of Jean Claude, Ann and herself that the medication times were changed.  The patients are now almost comatose.


May,7 2004. I again write to Rona about documents she removed from the care plans of Patient E & F. I copied the Manager and the proprietor.  There was no discussion and I was told that she is the Area manager.


June 1, 2004 A second altercation between Eileen and Ramil.  He was living at the nursing home and using the back entrance after midnight to bring visitors to his room thereby activating the alarm. Eileen confronted him for not using the front door and he responded by accusing Eileen of once again abusing the patients.


Eileen at this point initiated protocols for contacting the governing bodies and legal counsel.  The outcome of our meeting was an admission from Ramil  that his accusation was false.  He apologized to Eileen and this concluded the matter.


June 2, 2004 Patient G. was sat out by Jean Claude and Ann Gallager without safety over the objections of Titus and Marcia, the carers.  Patient G. was a bed bound patient who fell and gouged her eye out on the metal wheel of the bed.  She was then put back to bed and left without medical intervention.  I was not present at the nursing home and as soon as I arrived I was told of the accident by the carers.  Apparently, they had informed Jean Claude who told them just to put he back to bed.

I called the doctor who prescribed Paracetamol.  He did not recommend sending her to the hospital because her eye socket was the size of a ball, and oozing blood stained fluids.  He could not open her eye. This was approximately six hours after fall.

I took pictures, informed the doctor, the inspection unit, safeguarding, social worker and son.  He arrived from Spain the following day.  Patient G. died on June 6.  There was no previous indication of sickness. Her death was a result of this trauma.


June 16, 2004 received a letter from Ann regarding disciplinary action for Edna Kumi about the “5 staff members brawling in the home.”

Ann further writes, “I am aware that both the manager and deputy manager has dealt with this incident and it is as a result of your action or inactivity that I want to meet with you to explore this incident and to ensure that, in future such matters are dealt with efficiently using the company’s disciplinary rules, and to maximize the Care, Health, Safety and welfare of the service users of this nursing home.”

A meeting with the manager Jean Claude, Ann, Edna Kumi and union representative, Ms. Garcia for June 20.


June 20, 2004 I reminded Ann that it was not I who needed to mind the safety and care of anyone in the nursing home.  I had taken every step since her outlandish new drug management had so sickened the patients and furthermore her demands and Jean Claude failure to rebut her order that bedridden patients be sat out for meals without support or supervision over the objections of the carers had resulted in Patient G. falling and gouging her eye out on the bed wheel, resulting in death 4 days later.


Both Ann and Jean Claude raced from the office to the dementia unit to check the accident report.  Upon verification the meeting was cancelled and I never heard of this incident again.

Two days later all documentation was removed from the care plan and destroyed.


September 10, 2004 Patient H., a patient at the home was battered and died 2 days later at the instigation of the manager Jean Claude.  The nurse on the unit, Jincy John declined to stop the assault based on who commanded the beating.

The patient had been put to bed around 5.  She was vocal about the early hour so Jean Claude told another resident to “shut her up”.  Jincy confirmed that no one came to her aid when she cried for help and Jean Claude laughed.


I was away from the home doing an assessment.  The following day I observed Patient H. doubled over in her chair. Another employee, Irene Hart gave me an accounting of the events.  I pulled up the top of Patient H. and there were bruises from her neck to her thighs.


Jincy informed me that she had done nothing and that Jean Claude had sent another resident to hit Patient H.  She did not call 999 or a doctor or even seen to the bruises on Patient H.s body.


I immediately called the emergency service unit; I photographed the bruises; filed an accident report on file (regulation 37); copy sent to care standard commission inspectors (CSCI); Niece notified and sent a report to the safe guarding adult unit.


Patient H. was taken to the hospital and died approximately 2 days later.  Keep in mind this resident was just elderly, not ill before this incident.

Ravenscroft management never took any action on this incident.


September 13, 2004 after not receiving any response from any of the organizations I had contacted, I took it upon myself to phone the Safe guarding adult office.  Jackie Berg said I should call the police.  She took no action.


October 2004, I phone 999, I obtained a crime reference number -5119716/04.

Never heard or saw these officers.

The staff on the upper floor or dementia unit held an impromptu meeting on October 6, 2004. They felt unfairly targeted by Ann, Rona and Jean Claude. Morale is at an all time low.  The carers are told to have their lunch and breaks with the clients; They are accused of leaving the premises to have lunch; There are a lot of queries about how much ensure is fed to the patients; the floor is smelly; the ground floor problems are never logged or discussed.  Titus, Costa and Annie draft letter.  The plastic covers requested are just in.  Smell should abate somewhat.


November 23, 2004. Hilary reported a theft to Jean Claude and Helen saying I had stolen 50 pounds from Patient H.

The process for patient purchases were, Pam the receptionist would give funds for whatever minor item is required.  The items would be purchased by whomever, the receipts would be given to Pam for reconciliation.

In this instant, the niece of Patient H.  had requested new clothes for same.  Pam gave 50 pounds, the clothes were purchased and receipts given.  Hilary never checked with Pam before leveling the accusation.  After Pam produced the receipts the matter was dropped but the damage was done.

I took the matter a little further and spoke with Patient H.’s niece.  She told me that Jean Claude and Hilary was asking her about the 50 pounds.

Hilary and Jean Claude was very aware of the process for purchases.  This was irrefutable evidence I was being set up.           


December 18, 2004, crime reference number 5424018/04. Asking for follow up to my initial report.  To date no response.

Criminal Intelligence report L00185853/2004, signed by B-Team PC Natalie Sergeant.


January 11, 2005.  Jean Claude is now involved in a full scale assault on my character and spreading rumours throughout the nursing home.  Jean Claude approached me and said that Des, Ramil, Annie and Hilary had reported to him that I was taking black garbage bags out of the rear of the home but all the while my car was parked in the front.

I asked for an investigation after the employees named said they never said anything like this to Jean Claude.  The matter was never investigated but the stain remained.

February 02, 2005.    The murder of Patient I.

Patient I. was admitted to Ravenscourt on July 27, 2004 and until February 2005,  bedrails were in place as per my assessment.  On February 1, 2005, Marvin reported to me that Jean Claude had instructed him and Victor to remove Patient I’s bed rails.  They both refused.  I asked Jean Claude for his reasons, he said that the inspector, Rona Cross had instructed him to do this. A phone call in the office in the presence of Pam and myself was placed to Rona who denied any such instruction.

That same evening Jean Claude went to Patient I’s room and dismantled, unscrewed the bed rail and took it away.    Patient I. fell out of bed and broke her hip at 6:45 a.m.  The ambulance was not called until approximately 10 a.m. She died shortly thereafter.

Pam, signed a statement to confirm the above incident on February 10, 2005.

Full report sent to Health and Safety. No Action.


February 3, 2005. There was another incident at the home with Patient J. falling in the bathroom.  This was truly an accident and the patient died soon after.  Report sent to Health and Safety.


February 10, 2005.  Pam is writing reports on attendance as requested by Nellish Lukka.  This is to address the 1st and 2nd of February.  Pam acknowledges that I had booked these days off in lieu of hospital appointments; there was an assessment on Feb.1st.


February 15, 2004. Hilary Ryan writes letter to Nellish Lukka at his request. Hilary make the following allegations; Edna is rarely on the floor leaving new nurses unsupervised; Always 2 hours late for work: November 25, 2004 Hilary was left alone to deal with a dying patient, repeated pleas for help from Edna went unanswered; Edna always left her shift 3 hours early on Wednesdays. Duly sworn by Hilary as the truth.


February 22, 2005.  Annu Chada is the cleaner at Ravenscourt.  She was called to an emergency meeting with Jean Claude and Pam Murray.  Jean Claude asked ambiguous questions at first.

“Annu, have you ever done shopping for the home? No.

Have you ever been asked to do shopping for any one else? No, never.

Have you ever done any shopping for Edna? No, never.

Has Edna ever asked you to do any shopping for her? Never.

Do you do any private work for anyone in this home? No

Do you do any private work for Edna, during working hours or outside working hours?  No, never.

February 24, 2005. Letter from Nellish Lukka citing investigation for the following:

  • We have been informed that on Tuesday, Feb.1 2005, you were not at work for most of the day, and on Wednesday, 2 February 2005, you were not at work until 1:20 p.m. This was the week that Jean Claude was on holiday.
  • We have been informed that, although your work commences at 8 a.m., you rarely commence work before 10a.m.
  • You work 3 shifts a week on the floor, with another nurse, but you disappear for long periods, and nobody knows where you are. One incident, was 25 November 2004, when you were on duty with Hilary Ryan.
  • You are supposed to finish at 8pm on Wednesdays, but you leave just after 5pm as soon as the manager leaves.
  • You have been getting your laundry done by staff at Ravenscourt.
  • You have not been passing First Call information on the appropriate person.


March 9, 2005. Received a letter from Nellish requesting the following; Name of the hospital where I had the appointment on Feb.2; which consultant you saw and what time was your appointment.


March 10, 2005.  As process dictates I reported both incidents pertaining to Patient I and Patient J. to Care Standard.


April 28, 2005. My personal diary with information on Feb.1 & 2 is stolen from a locked office.  I later became aware that Pam Murray, the administrator was the only other person with a key to this office.

I reported this matter to the police.


May 10, 2005.  Nellish Lukka called me into a meeting one on one.  He offered me the following to leave his employ.

4 weeks paid annual leave

1 month for my sick leave.

1 month extra pay.

He said if I refused he would have to institute disciplinary proceedings.   I refused, he started disciplinary proceedings.


May 16, 2005. Nellish writes that I misunderstood his words.  He never offered me any incentive to leave his employ and that my performance was not satisfactory.  Nellish only questioned my performance after I had honestly reported the accidents; extreme drugging of the patients and removal of documentation from the care plans.

Nellish sends a second letter on the 16 informing me of a disciplinary hearing on the 20th at 2p.m.


Now the 6 items have been changed to 3.  Only one of the original charge was retained.  The new charges were as follows.


-Making false statements on your whereabouts on Tuesday 1st of February 2005.

-Getting your personal laundry done at Ravenscourt nursing home.

-Making false statement that two incidental reports were completed and made entry in the residential care plan on Wednesday 2nd February, 2005.


There is no disciplinary hearing on May 20, 2005. Letter was late and holidays has now commenced.


July 11, 2005.  I was suspended without written notice.  I returned that same day to demand a written notice.  Jean Claude wrote in his letter of a meeting that never took place and verified the suspension without cause.

July 26, 2005.  Rona Gummer, the area manager who was negligent in the drugging of patients at Ravenscourt; removing documents from the care plans that I had complained about was instrumental in finding me guilty of trumped up and here say charges found me guilty and dismissed me on August 3, 2005.


October 25, 2005. An appeal of this matter was to apply to another manager of Nellish Lukka’s hone, Acorn Lodge Care Home in Clapton E5OQP.   Diane Jureidin with no legal background and a huge conflict of interest upheld the dismissal.


Diane delved extensively into the missing diary, an item that was not before the disciplinary body. She referenced ‘Kathy Bloom’, another matter that was never before anyone.  The only matter she referenced that was before the committee was that of the laundry which she deemed that my statement had no credibility.


Priscilla Machya was an illegal immigrant working in the laundry at Ravenscourt. Everyone knew this and here is the leverage Jean Claude and Nellish used to compel her testimony.  Nellish Lukka wrote the statement for Priscilla which she signed.


During the time from August 3, 2005 to April – May 2006, Jean Claude took it upon himself to visit/phone three nursing homes that I had secured employment with.

August 2005 – Jean Claude visited Abbscross nursing home and spoke to a nurse by the name of Theresa.  I had a phone call from the manager who interviewed me and offered me the post to say he could not now offer me the post as Jean Claude had visited the home with Marvin.

September 2005 – December 2005. Barleycroft nursing home. I was again sacked from this post and informed that Jean Claude had phoned but was not informed on what he had said.

January 2006 – May 2006. Hillside nursing home.  Jean Claude called the hillside nursing home and informed them that I had initiated an action against Ravenscourt nursing home and requested that they send him a copy of my CV which they did.

My health takes a nosedive and I am forced to seek medical aid and counseling.


I took legal action against Ravenscourt in January 2006, which was heard before a tribunal on July 27 and 28, 2006.




Edna Kumi was unfairly dismissed by reason of the procedures and awarded compensation.


The tribunal verified all of the facts already stated in this narrative e.g.

-start of employment; time of termination; her complaints of harassment; bullying and intimidation; Letter form Lukka listing 6 reasons for disciplinary action; disciplinary hearing with member of the Lukka care home; their guilty decisions and subsequent dismissal.


Edna supplied a binder of documents which the court looked at.  She further produced tapes of meetings with employees who were trying to smear her.  These tapes had to be transcribed and was submitted one day late.  Upon the strenuous objection of Mr. Lukka the tapes were never entered into evidence.


The original 6 conduct violations were then changed to three different things between February 2005 and May 2005. She was ambushed for the disciplinary hearing without having time to prepare.  The hearing was presided over by employees of Mr. Lukka who had huge conflicts of interest.


Edna Kumi was suspended without notice and cause after she refused an offer from Mr. Lukka  which he tried to deny to the court but later admitted.


The employee who presided over the disciplinary hearing admitted that one charge did not amount to any type of misconduct; another charge for Feb, 1 & 2 was discarded due to Edna’s stolen diary as they could confirm a doctors appointment.  Only one other charge would be considered.  This charge, however, was not original and only added after Edna had refused the offer of Mr. Lukka for her resignation.


The court said, “to put it bluntly, Mr. Lukka wanted to be rid of Edna Kumi and as quickly as possible”. The charges had nothing to do with it.  We all know from the previous events that all Edna was trying to do was protect the vulnerable. 


Here are some of the evidence the courts never saw.

A patients’ wife, was questioned by Jean Claude and Hilary whether I had requested money from her?

I had to get this lady to write a letter for me about this incident.  This did not however remain confidential, it was spread all over the homes community as to my alleged dishonesty.


Ramil and Annie, two staff nurses now initiated a report with Jean Claude to say they could not work with me even though I had never worked with them.  I undertook a survey of the staff to ask this very question.  They all signed with no reserve to counteract the statement of the two judases.


After I left Ravenscourt I got employment at Barleycroft and Hillside nursing homes.  I lost both posts due to Jean Claude phoning the homes and requesting my CV and told them that I am not to be trusted.


December 2006. My attorney, MARKANDAN & CO. wrote a cease and desist letter to Jean Claude.  He wanted to know if he could be prosecuted for the same crime that the tribunal had just tried and requested representation from same attorney.  He obviously thought that he could continue to harass me and that double jeopardy would apply.  This is on tape.   The tribunal never got to see these recordings.


My tribulations started with my report about the drugging of the 35 clients in Ravenscourt dementia unit in January 2004.


2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012 & 2013. I contacted the Care Standard Unit, the organization responsible for patient care.  I eventually received a response from them in 2012 & again in 2013 advising that the police and local safe guarding team were informed.  These are the people responsible and they did nothing so it “would be impractical for them to take any meaningful action.  The matter you referred too in your letter took place a number of years ago.”  Care standard goes on to say I should have contacted them at the time of the incident, which I did, and although they are responsible to monitor, inspect and regulate services for safety they cannot investigate individual complaints and listed a number of other organizations I could contact.

What then is the use of Care Standard Commissioner Inspectors/Care Quality Commission?   Nothing was accomplished with this organization.

2004, 2009. Safeguarding Adult.  Reported matter to this organization.  Jackie Berg and Joan Broad, two safeguarding employees advised that I should take the matter to the police.  I received a letter in 2009 stating that the matter had been investigated by the police, themselves and the CQC and found no evidence to substantiate abuse claim.

March 29, 2012. Received a letter from the Fay Bennet, inspector for CQC stating that the police and the CQC chose not to pursue this matter and neither would they.  The police nor the CQC ever spoke with me or looked at the evidence I had.  This ended the matter for another organization refusing to take responsibility for their jobs.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2017. Reports to police. After informing the proprietor, Safe Guarding Adults and Care Standard Commissioner Inspector and getting the run around I filed a complaint on September, 02, 2008, with the Police unit in Upminister Police Station. A DC Huchinson was assigned to the matter and a reference number 54-4607-08B and Julie, another police officer took a statement. No action as of as of February 2009, I was informed that no action was taken but no reason was given.  Duty office informed me that DC Huchinson had relocated and supplied a phone number.  I called twice and got no response. I left voice mails in both instances.

June 2009.  I filed a complaint with the IPCC (Independent Police Complaint Commission). July 2009, IPCC wrote to say they had received my complaint (2009/013076).

November 2009.  The IPCC forwards my complaint to the Metropolitan Police.

March 3, 2010.  The Metropolitan Police closed the investigation, once again without requesting my evidence.

March 17, 2010. I wrote again to the IPCC protesting the closure and citing the non-investigation of my evidence and asking for a response.

December 2011. I again called the IPCC asking for the status of my appeal.

December 13, 2011.  I received the most absurd response from the IPCC. They claimed I had just sent the letter dated March 17, 2010 which they received on December 2011. To prove their assertion, they sent a photocopy of an envelope with a notation on the back which read, “This is one of (5) letters found in my husban foot bag. I have sent it to you. ”

My handwriting was on the front address of the envelope with a “2nd” class stamp but no official stamp from the post office.  The notation on the back of the envelope was not a handwriting I recognised.

The IPCC cited the notation on the back of the envelope as my reason why they should hear my appeal.  They denied my appeal on this basis also.  I had 28 days to appeal but I had missed the date. This was an organization I had placed follow up phone calls too and had been pursing since 2008.  To say this was dishonest and a travesty was putting it politely.

There was no appeal, no investigation and the case was closed once again without my evidence.

2012 February. Contacted the crown prosecution service and was advised to go to the police.

2012 March.  Telephoned the police station and got a crime reference number CAB565530/3.  Nothing ever came of this.

2012 April. Wrote to the department of heath.  I was once again advised to go to the police. Another crime reference number 5415492/11.

2012 May.  Received a letter from the department of Health advising that the CQC is aware of the issue and have moderate concerns at present about the resident residing at Ravenscourt nursing home and advised me to go the police.

2013 March. Wrote to Scotland Yard including documents but received no reply.

2013 August. Wrote to the Prime Minister.  Responded and said I should go to the police.

2013 November. Wrote to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman. Nothing done.

2009, 2014. Andrew Rosindell MP for Havering.   In 2009, he sent the matter to the Safeguarding Adult.  The matter was forwarded to none other than DC Huchinson who had this matter in 2008 and never investigated.

June of 2009 DC Huchinson called to say he had visited the nursing home in question and found no evidence of abuse.  I asked why he had no taken my evidence into account? He said the case was closed.  He also reported that a lot of documentation was missing from the care plans and they got a slap on the wrist for it.  End of another investigation without my evidence.

  1. I once again requested help from Mr. Rosindell, he again wrote to the police on this matter.

I had a response from one Neil Adams-Staff Officer to Borough

Commander Jason Gwillim.  He wrote, on April 4, 2014 that there was no evidence of allegations regarding malpractice made by yourself against Ravenscourt nursing home.

April 16, 2014. I replied to Neil Adams and attached all the correspondence regarding crime reference #54/4607/08B.  He acknowledged my binder on April 24, 2014.

June 18, 2014.  I received his response. I was not surprised by his stance but his blatant dishonesty did flabbergast me. Here are some of the highlights of his letter

My allegations were historic and difficult to prove. He based his findings on the conclusions of other agencies.

-3 allegations of Theft of diary

Bank fraud

Perceived care abuse of resident


-Searched his system without reference numbers and nothing could be found.

-No evidence found of police reports

-March 2012 CQC dropped the case

-April 2012 Department of Health state CQC had moderate concerns.

-States took too long to report matter.

-2013 you wrote to prime minister to raise concerns

-Police advises that you should go to local authority, Care Manager or Complaints manager or Social Services, if this fails see Local Government Ombudsman.

-ADC Huchinson had spoken to Havering Council, identified that both the departments concerned that there was no evidence to substantiate any allegations.  In the case surrounding the deaths where POST MORTEM was conducted there were no suspicious findings.

-In a multi agency meeting no blame.

Document removal was no cause for concern

– All complaints written in letter form, this is basically a summary of all the paperwork sent.

Mr. Neil Adams was doing what every other bureaucrat had done.  He did not care that what he was quoting was untrue.  There were never any Post Mortems; if all the other agencies had investigated and found nothing this is what he will base his findings on.  The fact remains that none of the other agencies had done a damn thing but the beat goes on.  There is no mention of the conversations caught on tape and why the hell should we care about documentation? Maybe I should have called it a Murder Book.


2015 December 15. Wrote and sent documents once again to Scotland Yard to Nikky Cross.

2015 December 19.  I received a call from Nikky Cross to say she had received the documents; she had spoken to DC Huchinson, some staff and relatives but found nothing relating to my concerns.  She touched on the IPCC complaint and decided that there was nothing here and she was closing the investigation. I protested, she relented.

2016 June.  Met with Nikky Cross at Romford police station and answered some questions.  Said she would get back to me.

2017 February.  Nikky Cross called to say her senior Susan does not think there is a case. They are busy moving office.  CPS said there was insufficient evidence as DC Huchinson did not collect any.  She indicated that I should access freedom of information to get access to DC Huchinson report.  She was supposed to call back in 2 weeks.

To present I have not heard from her.

Borough Commander of Havering, Jason Gwillim; DC Huchinson; Proprietor, Nellish Lukka; Safeguarding Adult; CSCI; IPCC; Metropolitan police complaints department; MP for Havering, Andrew Rosindell; Crown Prosecution Service; CQC; Department of Health; Scotland Yard; Prime Minister; Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman; Barbara Nichols, Head of Adult Services in Havering.

Barbara Nichols telephoned me to say my allegations were thoroughly investigated and asked me what I wanted.  Her manner was hostile and when I said the police needed to listen she barked that the police did not have time to sit with anyone such as me for an investigation.

Count them people!  Seventeen organizations contacted and not a hand lifted to protect these vulnerable humans.  I have now come to realise how Jimmy Saville got away with molesting so many vulnerable kids.  It was the direct result of the cowardice of the adults in place to protect them.

The tribunal with less evidence than was afforded to these organizations saw the pattern of Nellish Lukka and his employees.  They came to a right conclusion, but the police and every other organization could not be bothered to investigate the facts about old, dead humans.  The wounds were not psychological they were physical and visual for all to see.

Steven Lawerence was murdered in 1993 and it took twenty-one years before justice was served.  I wait for the day when you will go into this environment, when the hand connects with your face and you lie in your faeces crying for relief,  you will remember my name.

Jean Claude, Nellish, Hillary and Pam, are still at Ravenscourt. Ramil is at Seven Arches nursing home.  Ann and Ronna is still working in this environment, they are waiting for you.  Edna was struck off for trumped up allegations and no charges ever filed but she is still fighting for the underdog.