Here are the various people/organizations I contacted to help with a corrupt system but no action yet to date.  I have received one reply for the attorney general office with the standard bull s—  which is posted at the end of my letter.

  •  Upper Canada Law Society – 8 complaints – no response
  •  Ontario Securities Commission – Get civil lawyer
  • William Blair – Police Commissioner – no response
  • Tony Comper – CEO Bank of Montreal – Ian Roher threatens me.
  • James Diamon – CEO Chase Manhattan bank – no response
  • Michael Dorais  – Canada Revenue Agency – referred back to his employees who was harassing me.
  • Governor General – Jean Michelle – standard Bull S— response
  • Ontario Ombudsman – Andre Marin – cannot deal with legal problem
  • Privacy Commission – Pure Bull s—. could not obtain any documents
  • Peoples Prosecution Service – Lisa Daigle responded then stopped responding.
  • Justin Trudeau – Prime minister and Head of the executive branch – no response
  • Beverly McLaughlin – Head of the Judicial committee – no response
  • Attorney General of Ontario= Yassir Naqvi – response posted below with the usual lazy response
  • John McKay – My Parliamentary representative in  Ottawa – no response

There are a few other organizations I have reached out to but I have to allow time to see if a response is coming before I update.  Stay tuned for the updates. (August 10, 2018)

Ministry of the Attorney General

Mc-Murtry Scott Building

720 Bay Street, 11th Floor

Toronto, Ont.

M7A 2S9

Attention: Yasir Naqvi


Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A2

Attention: Justin Trudeau

Supreme Court of Canada

301 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0J1

Attention: Beverley McLachlin – Chief Justice


Scarborough Member of Parliament

549D Centre Block

House of Commons

Ottawa Ontario

K1A 0A6

Attention: John Mckay

October 14, 2016

Jenifer Woldegabriel

Dear Madame / Sir,

The legal system has left me no option but to file this motion for a new trial in a very unorthodox manner.  I find myself in a void, it is not like the twilight zone, this is just an empty dark space with no life or movement, nothing to hold onto and not a single working system in sight but I am in Canada.

This is the Toronto justice system.  It really should be this impartial, formidable arm of government where all the people of Canada could come for some form of fairness. What I have discovered for the past 16 years is a quagmire of corruption and legal illiteracy.  It is the prefect storm and an open invitation to anarchy.     This system has done irreparable harm to me, a citizen of Canada and I want what every one is entitled to under the legal system. Due Process.

I will not ask you to walk in my shoes nor can you imagine being charged for something you did not do but this is what took place after the initial arrest. I produced exculpatory evidence for a succession of defense lawyers as well as the Bank of Montreal counsel but it wold keep disappearing for a total of 7 years and never made it into the courts.  I was convicted in 2004 and the Attorney General office employed my trial lawyer soon after.  I submitted multiple complaints to the Upper Canada Law Society to no avail.

When I was denied disclosures from the prosecution I asked the Peoples Prosecution Service of Canada for help, they never followed through. When $630,000. Disappeared from Chase Manhattan Bank I asked The Security Exchange Commission for help, they told me to sue the bank.  Fact is, I had lawyers at this time who was refusing to subpoena documents. In desperation and frustration, I turned to The commissioner of Police; CEO of Canada Revenue Agency; CEO of Bank of Montreal; CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank; Privacy Commission; Crown attorneys Office but it would seem that no one takes responsibility.

No one defrauded the Bank of Montreal of anything but my home and all my worldly goods were stolen form me under a system starting with the word, Justice. I need the help of everyone here to push this matter in the right direction.

I have detailed the most important events in the history of this matter.  When Mr. Barnwell sent this case to appeal then the Supreme Court he did a fine job with the language he was restricted to.  He tried his best to lay out the facts and evidence of the case.  His greatest difficulty was in getting the balance between not pointing fingers at his peers who had done all these illegal manoeuvers and trying to explain the twisted mess the previous lawyers had made.   He tiptoed like a cat on a hot tin roof because the judges were maniacal in their defense of familiar faces.  This too got nowhere.

The abuses and atrocities in this matter was committed with such fluid ease that it leads me to believe that I am not the only victim.  We have the well established accounting firm of Kroll participating in fraud.  The Attorney Generals Office appears deliberately indifferent even after the other forensic quagmire they have not yet recovered from. Judges decisions on credibility was based on conjecture. No one bucks the status quo because no one is ever held accountable for their mistakes.

I do intend to ask the public for input.  I will activate a website to display all texts and periodical updates. I know the abuses that are being heaped on people like me, beaten down because they are without resources and relieved of all their worldly goods because some corrupt lawyer wants to make $600/hour instead of $300.  The prosecutors and police I met were lazy and curiously ignorant.  They seemed devoid of any knowledge on how to investigate a procurement fraud and this provides the perfect entrance for bacterial forensics.

The abuses extended to the denial of a Canadian passport. Even after I had finished incarceration and the Supreme Court had ruled on the issue.  Now I read that a dual citizen cannot enter into Canada without one.  Who does one turn to when the government ignores the Supreme Court?

What are people in your position doing to reform this legal system?

Do you really want justice reform? Start with the innocents convicted, ask them about their experiences and how things can be done better.  Learn about the real problems from their experiences. Cost is not the only factor for failed and cumbersome litigation, you entertain a cross section of judges out of step with the community they are representing and gives preference to certain lawyers.

Do you honestly think that the assignation of judges without fanfare lends to absence of bias?

The justice system is guilty of elevating promotion and business above law and fairness.  I see apathy, ignorance, haste and ego.  It is as if you are begging to be relieved of your functions and to be replaced by machines who will not see or think just crunch the issues.

There is no leadership within the ranks.  Why does the prosecutor not know how a procurement fraud is investigated?  Take a look at the internal process and tell me how I could have stolen the banks money and not deliver any equipment and no one said a word for 10 years.

The Bank testified that no equipment logged in the loading dock logs and this meant that nothing was ever received but they are destroying perfect records for Kalbi System that disputes their assertions.  This was not done once but by 5 different lawyers.

You owe me a new trial.  You can never give me justice, there is just too much water under the bridge for this.  But, at least I could get my name cleared and regain what was stolen from me.

I am going to insist on the following.  I am entitled to something better than you have given me in the past 16 years.

The presiding judges for this matter must be Susan Herrel and Janet Simmons. Of all the judges I have interacted with over the past sixteen years these are the only two I would trust with this matter.  If you ask them who I am they will not be able to tell you but I remember them.

I must be able to access the funds removed from Chase Manhattan bank and supposedly under the control of the Bank of Montreal for the last sixteen years.

I have presented ample evidence to show that the bank received goods and signed off on such then lied about it.

I must be able to retain lawyers from outside of Canada to ably defend this matter.  Lawyers who will not be bought or coerced.

I am asking for your help in getting this matter before a court and these judges.

I thank you for your time and await your response.


Thank You

Jenifer Woldegabriel


Our Reference # MC-2016-7530

November 3,  2016

Ms. Jenifer Woldegabriel

Dear Ms. Woldegabriel

I am in receipt of your letter sent to the Ministry on October 14, 2016.  I am Counsel to the Director of Crown Operations for the Toronto Region, Mr. Andrew Locke . Mr Locke is responsible for supervising all of the Assistant Crown Attorneys throughout the city of Toronto including those who work out of the Scarborough courthouse.  I routinely respond to correspondence pertaining to Toronto prosecutions and I have been asked to make enquiries and reply to your letter.

In your correspondence your outline in great detail problems you experienced in both the civil and criminal courts and some of the issues your raise date back to 2001. The original criminal trial took place in 2004. You are requesting that you be granted a new trial in order to clear your name.  You specify two judges that you would like to hear this matter and indicate that you would like to retain lawyers from outside of Canada in order to obtain a fair trial.  You also request access to funds removed from the Chase Manhattan Bank and the Bank of Montreal.

I have now looked into this matter.  You were convicted by Justice Jennings of the Superior Court of Justice on March 15, 2004 and sentenced on March 30, of that year to 4 years imprisonment. You appealed the matter to the Ontario Court of Appeal.  The conviction was upheld, the sentence was varied on November 21, 2005.  While the conviction was upheld, the sentence was varied as the Crown conceded the restitution order should not stand.  The Court of Appeal then struck the restitution order.  In upholding the conviction of Justice Jennings, the Ontario Court of Appeal held that “there was ample evidence to support these finding on which the appellant’s convictions for fraud and related offenses were based. ” I am also aware that you had  parallel civil proceedings before the Supreme Court of Canada.

The office cannot assist in getting a criminal matter reheard when the verdict has been upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal as there is no legal basis for a retrial.  I realize that you will be disappointed with this response.  In the event that you feel like you require further advice, I suggest that you contact the Law Society of Upper Canada’s referral service.  Information about how to be referred to a lawyer or a licensed paralegal through the Law Society’s Referral service is available at http://www.lsrs.info. If you would like to be referred to a lawyer or a licensed paralegal, you may submit a request to the Law Society Referral Service by completing the online request form at http://www.lawsocietyreferralservice.ca.   A crisis line is available Monday to Friday. 9:00am to 5:00 pm. The crisis line is intended for the people who are unable  to use the online service such as those without access to the internet.  The phone number of the crisis line is 416-947-5255 (toll free 1-855-947-5255).

I think you for taking the time to write and regret I cannot assist you further with this matter.  I suggest that if you have any further questions you contact the legal referral service listed above.

Your truly

L.. Jacek  –  Office of the Director of Crown Operations